FreePlayLife update!

I’m completely in love with this 52-week challenge going on over at FreePlayLife.  I was late to the game, so I’ve been catching up.  This is week 7 and so far I’ve got all but one challenge done:

#1 Speak Your Needs — Done and blogged!

#2 Self-Portrait —  Alpha helped with this one this weekend and I haven’t gotten it blogged yet, but it was a lot of fun.  The “Assbooking” post was apparently a shootoff of this challenge.

This was me and the Pup dancing to this new radio station I am really digging.

#3 Visual Timeline of My Life — This is the one that is really taking me a long time.  I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon taking photos of things to include but I haven’t gotten any of them pinned or collaged or anything yet.  Actually, I’m not even finished taking photos, because I keep remembering more that I should include. *L*

#4 Superhero Theme Song — Like I said, there’s a new radio station in town, and I got a survey in the mail to listen for an hour and provide feedback for a chance to win some $$, so I did it.  And I LOVED the station. *L*  It’s a funky mix of a ton of songs that get me grooving and happy, so while Alpha was messing around with the camera, I turned on the radio and got down with my spunky-feeling self.  I heard several songs I liked, but one really got me grooving, and I’m sure I’m interpreting the lyrics differently than how they were meant, but who cares, right?  For the last several days, I’ve been waking up hearing “Brighter than the Sun” by Colbie Caillat in my head and singing it ALL. DAY. LONG.  Then on the way to the library with the Pup today, it came on the radio again and I was just thrilled and jammed in the car at the stoplight. =D  So I decided it probably is a good song for me.

#5 Superhero Outfit — I found I actually have a couple…dressy-me and casual-me.  (Oh, plus the me-that-would-be-if-I-were-the-character-in-my-fiction-I-WISH-I-were).  Two of these are on my pinterest now, and one I’m still collaging because I love to ‘shop images, so everything but the fantasy wardrobe has been things I actually own and wear, and even it is half-shopped.


Dressy: Super stretchy, form-fitting strappy dress, knee-high boots, and some turquoise turtle earrings that I wore all through my angsty high-school years because I swear there must be something in the stone that relieves stress.

Casual:  Canvas Old Navy utility jacket, awesome rainboots that make rainy days less dreary, triskel earrings that represent the natural  cycle of life, some yarn&rope bracelets I made from Pinterest post, a cute t-shirt, and some skinny jeans I haven’t taken a picture of yet.  Also in this pic would be a pair of sweet Converse this challenge (and the book I’m reading) inspired me to buy.  I always wanted a pair growing up, but my mom didn’t like fads.  Not so keen that they’re made in Asia now, but I was able to get hooked up with a vintage pair in the exact style and size I wanted.  [I don’t care if they’ll make my feet flat(er)—I’m either barefoot or in flat-sole clog slippers at home anyway.]

Fantasy: What I want most from this is the trench coat.  I couldn’t even find one this style online, it is two images shopped together *L*  I also really love the belt…it has a pretty flower design embossed in it, very subtle.  I also want to make a bracelet made of those stones if I can ever get my hot little hands on them,but they’re hard to find.  Of course. 😛

#6 Superhero Tools — This one was fun and pretty easy…I thought of several things right away that keep me going, bring me joy, etc.  And I also joined suite and superheroed myself on “Walk tall and carry a big stick.” I picked the lizardish skin because I usually like to go unnoticed, but still be able to kick some butt. (Bigoted old curmudgeon grandfather I ran into yesterday, I’m looking at you—be glad I was too dumbfounded to respond.)

#7 Superhero Tools [cont’d] — This challenge was to take a picture of my tools (and I may even do a video, buuuuut these aren’t very active tools LOL  Maybe time-lapse, if my Coolpix will let me…?

I picked my meditation bell and cushions, lip balm, crayons, and my writing notebook.

Meditating is how I stay sane, and happy, and mostly down-to-earth.  It definitely shows when I skip my morning sit.

Lip balm of some sort is a must for me, but flavored ones are just so much fun and give me a pick-me-up on the crappiest of crappy days.

My crayons and writing tools are both literal…I still pull out the crayons and color, even when the Pup is not around.  Writing is almost as good for my spirit as meditation.  They’re also both tools symbolic of the rest of my creative side: I knit, I craft…lately I even cook more than I used to, often experimentally.

So there you have it.  🙂  This is turning out to be really good for me…I’m feeling empowered and awesome exploring it all, which seems to pretty much be the point, so—Yay!


~ by MamaWolf on February 29, 2012.

2 Responses to “FreePlayLife update!”

  1. I love seeing it all together like this…the way you’ve defined so much about who you are and what you want ❤ I'm so glad you're playing along!!!!

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