Coming Back to Myself

Good NIGHT it has been crazy-busy lately!  I just realized it’s been three-and-a-half WEEKS since my last post—yikes!  This is partly due to having started a separate unrelated blog, the Pup having hit the Troublesome Threes a few months early (stinkin’ little overachiever…), an ever-increasing workload (a good thing, with all of Alpha’s medical bills), and also—I’ve started writing again.


There is precious little else that makes me so happy.  A few weeks back, I was getting lots of crafting out of my system, and I felt bad because I had really, really, really intended to get some quality writing time penned into my schedule (schedule? what’s that?!), and it just wasn’t happening.  And if I don’t make it happen, then who’s going to, right?  But we had a new range, which beckoned me to try some new recipes and play Food Network Star.  Plus I discovered Pinterest, and started a small garden, and started/completed several (3? 4?) sewing projects, and—and—and—Just. Didn’t. Write.

So a couple of weeks ago, the muse just started beating me over the head.  This probably started during Monday-night meditation.  Once my monkey-mind is quieted down ever so slightly, the plot bunnies come out to play, and the rest of the half-hour sit simply has to be surrendered to thinking through a story.  Now I’m several chapters in with a good outline, fairly complete story arc, and even some ending or near-ending scenes that insisted on being written and may or may not get incorporated, but they wanted out, so I had to write them.

Somewhere in the last few months (after the resolution to write more for the pure and simple fact that it makes me happy), an old friend who is now a published author got in touch with me on Facebook, and I started following a blog she shares posts from on occasion–Kristen Lamb of Writer Warriors.  She shares so much good information and helpful tips, and one of these days, I am going to have to pick up her book [ We Are Not Alone–The Writer’s Guide to Social Media ] and jump on the #MyWANA bandwagon with Twitter or something.  Her most-recent post got me thinking about a number of things, even beyond my writing.  What hit home in particular was her suggestion to take that To-Do-List item that I am least looking forward to and tackle it FIRST, to build up my confidence and productivity.

And you know what?

It makes perfect sense.  In my work-work, once I get the real drudgery done, the rest is a breeze.  And in my writing, when I get to a point in the story that just feels awkward or like it’s just not going to come out quite right regardless, I have a tendency to stop writing and instead go and do research (not all bad, granted) or just go back and re-read and re-re-read what I’ve already written, and I still don’t make any progress until I just decide to screw it and write it how it comes out.  I usually make a little notation in the text to remind me that I anticipate what’s to come is going to be complete and utter drivel…but then I look back after I’ve written a few hundred more words and it’s actually working, and I take out that note and keep going.

I hope to get into making regular updates here…there are plenty of stories I could share from the Wolf Den lately, like how the Pup and I went outside and played in the rain for close to 90 minutes this afternoon. (FreePlayLife Week 11, I’m looking at you!)

In the meantime, I’m still drumming out my “Shitty First Draft” and hoping it ultimately manifests into something more publishable than my quadruple-crossover-fanfiction that garnered one [1] dedicated reader.

~ by MamaWolf on April 14, 2012.

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