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As excited as I was to start this blog when I was pregnant with the wolf pup, once I she arrived I found I had no time to blog (or read, or write, or craft…or shower…ugh).  Thankfully, those days are mostly behind me now that she is creeping up on three years old.  It took a while, but I finally hit my stride.  So with a simple New Year’s Resolution that I’m working on keeping and the fact that most of the family I was trying to keep updated with my blog gets the info via Facebook now, I’ve decided to instead blog as a way to keep myself on top of everything I’m trying to accomplish now.  Expect to see pieces about my mindfulness meditation practice, writing and (hopefully) getting published, knitting/crafting, and cleaning…all in the name of achieving my 2012 resolution: to be happy.

Because after all, if Mama ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy. 😉


Time for a New Approach…

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I lost at least one friend because of my opinions back in September 2001, and I’m fully aware the same may happen again, but there are things need saying–and I’m going to say them. If that means someone un-friends me, I can live with that.

Today I read an article on what Osama bin Laden’s place will be in history. I’m not sure I quite agree with the way everything is stated in it, but it does bear reading if only to learn more about the situation.

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